MAA Metro NYC Talk

April 27, 2016

Jared Warner and I will be giving another talk this Sunday about our gentrification-themed board game. If you’re going to be around at the MAA Metropolitan New York Section Meeting, come find us in room E105 at 3:35pm. As usual, the slides are available below.

Also, many people have asked us where they can get a copy of the game. We’re working on making it available as a free print-and-play through this website. Professionally printed copies will also be available from for a little under $50 a piece. We’re still working out the details though. We’re going to set the price on Game Crafter so that we have a $0 markup, meaning any money made off the game will go to Game Crafter for their services and not Jared or I. The intention is to release the game under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommerical license so that others can roll their own mods. For example, I’d love to see alternate boards show up for other U.S. cities, new cards, and other creative spins on the rules. I will post more details here on the blog when we’re ready to start distributing the game.

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Innovative Practices in Developmental Mathematics

April 14, 2016

I’m giving a talk tomorrow at LaGuardia Community College’s new Innovative Practices in Developmental Mathematics conference. This is another talk about the gentrification-themed board game that Jared Warner and I created to teach proportional reasoning in Guttman’s City Seminar course. I’m excited to be speaking at LaGuardia, which has a reputation at CUNY for doing cool, new, innovative things…kinda like another Community College I know.

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