MEC Math Club

March 2, 2016

My colleague Jared Warner and I will be presenting today at the Medgar Evers College Math Club. The talk is about a gentrification-themed board game that we designed to teach proportional reasoning in Guttman’s City Seminar course. This presentation will be similar to our talk from JMM in January, although thankfully will have more time to play the game and unpack some details. Here are the slides for the talk.

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JMM 2016

January 9, 2016

One of my New Year’s Resolutions is to update my blog more regularly.

Speaking of which, I’m at the Joint Maths Meetings in Seattle, and I’m giving a talk tomorrow today at 9:40am with my colleague Jared Warner. We’re in the MAA Session on Inquiry-Based Teaching and Learning, IV. We’ll be talking about a gentrification-theme board game we designed to teach proportional reasoning skills in our City Seminar class. Come say hi in Room 619, or take a look at the slides below if you’re interested…


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Southern Connecticut GeoGebra Conference

August 24, 2015

I’ll be giving a short presentation tomorrow at the 3rd annual GeoGebra Conference of Southern Connecticut. I’m really looking forward to meeting other folks in the GeoGebra community and hearing what they’ve been doing.

In my talk, I’ll be presenting an activity that I use in my Statistics class at Guttman. It’s based on APOS Theory, and uses a GeoGebra worksheet to help students make sense of the mean and median as objects. As students drag and drop dots on a dotplot, the mean and median dynamically change in response to their manipulations. The slides, handouts, and GeoGebra worksheet can all be found below.



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